kidrobot x nemesis project fixed gear bike 21 Kidrobot x Nemesis Project Fixed Gear Bike

The one of a kind Kidrobot x Nemesis Project fixies is by far the sickest track bike I’ve ever seen. The creator, Brad Hodges from the Nemesis Project built this bike 100% from scratch for Kidrobot – an urban toy and appeal shop with a deep interest in art. The bike was originally created to celebrate the grand opening of Kidrobot’s new flagship store in Miami, Florida, before venturing to a small bike shop in Sacramento, California where it’s awaiting someone with $6,000.00 to buy it.

Both Brad and the founders of Kidrobot put a lot of thought into customizing this bike. Even the sterling silver Kidrobot head emblem, which was done by Osa at Complete Technique, on the front of the frame is proprietary. It doesn’t stop there. The Kidrobot bike also comes with a u-lock that matches in color, a Kidrobot keychain, and a seat made out of Ostrich, to name a few.

Here are some more specifications I found on Brand’s site (I think) pertaining to the Kidrobot x Nemesis Project fixed gear.

Component list –

Frame: Nemesis Project track frame KR-01
Headbadge: 3oz sterling silver Kid-Robot headbadge made by OSA @ Complete Technique
Headset: 45×45 campy internal , powdercoated to match frame
Fork: White
R wheel: Custom powdercoated Miche Track hub and R lock ring , hand built to a Velocity Deep V
also custom powdercoated w/ the hub and all other white parts on the build
Cranks: Sugino 75 custom powdercoated white
Chainring: Sugino 75 powdercoated white , teeth masked
Pedals: MKS outer cages powdercoated white
Toe clip: MKS W/ Toshi strap in white
Seat: Macneil Pivotal technology , re-covered in snowflake white Ostrich leather
Seat Post: Macneil Pivotal powdercoated to match magenta fade in frame
Tires: custom one off non logo’d Michelin 700x23c
Bar and stem: Easton powdercoated cyan blue to match frame

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freeman transport foldable bike 01 1 Freeman Transport Collapsible Fixed Gear

If you’ve every tried taking your bike on a plane ride, you probably remember encountering an additional expense of about $60 or more (as if there wasn’t enough fees associated with travel already). To avoid some of the headaches when traveling, Freeman Transport, a one of a kind bike building company, has designed some of their inventory with the traveling bike enthusiast in mind. The Freeman Transport Collapsible Fixed Gear bike breaks down to fit into its custom bag so you can bring it as your carry-on. Not only does its unique design spare you some doe, it does it looking good, too. Judging strictly off of appearance, Freeman’s fixed gear is clean looking, which surprised me because usually all-in-one products tend to lack in certain areas – appearance being one of them. It comes with a case which resembles an over-sized messenger bag and goes with the color scheme of the bike, matted army green and black. No word on its performance but we’ll keep you posted.

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steerhornbamboobike650x493 300x227 Bamboo Fixie with Real Bullhorn Handelbars

One of the reasons why fixed gear riding is beginning to boom in cities around the word is because a fixie can be made up of nearly anything – even bamboo. That’s just what this fixed gear beauty’s frame is made of. The bamboo frame is supported by bamboo fiber wraps, which gives the rider the stability he/she needs. The uniqueness of this bike goes beond the frame, too. The handlebars are actual real bullhorn handlebars off of a Texas bull. Despite the materials that this bike is made from, it’s limits aren’t any different from the next fixie.

digitalfixie 300x165 Customize Your Dream Fixie

If you’ve been thinking about assembling a new fixie, check out pedalmafia’s bike designer before you by any parts. By picking through a selection of digital bike parts, you can design your own digital fixie. It took me just a few minutes to nail down this overly stunning road hog. The options on pedalmafia’s fixie-maker offer a variety of frame styles, along with different wheels, handlebars, and any other essential fixed gear necessity. Each part, however, is somewhat limited to color but you can always leave your customized bike colorless and bust out the some crayons to theme out your fixie.

2755646757 138e0f35cc o 300x225 Hell Raisers Fixie
From the looks of it, this bike is strictly for show. It hosts hundreds of flesh piercing spikes, running form the saddle, around the frame, down the bullhorn handlebars, and pedals. I ran across this fixie browsing where It’s titled “TOKYO DAD-NESS” instead of what I see it as — “Hell Raiser’s fixie”.

ts3k0012si71 225x300 Short Handlebars Becoming Mainstream

Road warriors everywhere are adopting shorter handlebars, usually by modifying their existing straight bars. The handlebars give the rider a more stream line look when smashin’ through traffic.

untitled 1 300x115 Limited addition Colagno Frame (COLAGNO X LA CARRRERA X UNITED FRONT X FUTURA MASTER PISTA FRAME)

Up for auction was this COLAGNO X LA CARRRERA X UNITED FRONT X FUTURA MASTER PISTA FRAME. In collaboration with Toronto Bike shop La Carrera Cycles and United Front, Colagno brings its beautiful limited addition frame to eBay. The 54 cm frame is steel and features a colored poke-a-dot theme. Only 33 frames were made. The auction ended at US $5,300.00 on August 12, 2008.