b 300x225 Japanese Version Of Bianchi Pist

To my surprise the Japanese know a different Bianchi Pista then other parts of the world and in many of there fan’s opinions Bianchi has beefed it up for Japan when compared to the states. Not only does the Japanese color scheme appeal more to the eyes of an urban fixed gear rider so does the enhanced frame and forks. That’s right… And for around the same retail price ($500 – $600 USD), too. I can just imagine how stunning this bike would look like in other similar colors.

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  1. [...] the new addition to Bianchi Pista in 2009. Because most conventional cyclist object to riding a fixed gear for the absence of a break [...]

  2. Ben
    19 Mar 09 9:53 pm

    Do you know when and where you get 2009 model in the uk, or sent to the uk?

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