ts3k0012si71 225x300 Short Handlebars Becoming Mainstream

Road warriors everywhere are adopting shorter handlebars, usually by modifying their existing straight bars. The handlebars give the rider a more stream line look when smashin’ through traffic.

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  1. taylor
    27 Nov 08 8:01 am

    Short handle bars = Short dick.

  2. kurious X
    25 Dec 08 7:15 am

    Im curious , does shorter handlebars impact how much your lungs can expand?

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    -Kurious X

  3. peter
    14 Jan 09 6:13 am

    i see fools riding like that in SF but they all must live in the mission or soma because you can’t possibly have enough leverage to get up a hill.

  4. Sparrow
    14 Jan 09 11:31 am

    looks inbred, B123′s all the way!

  5. drue
    23 Mar 09 12:57 pm

    I took that shot…

    Short bars are very foolish

  6. tyler
    30 Mar 09 8:02 pm


    in my own experience, the vast majority of times when, while in traffic, short bars would have been desirable have also been instances of my being overly bold/reckless/stupid. if you’re routinely trying to fit through spaces only a short set would allow you to pass (between wide-assed trucks or buses, or between pedestrians), you’re most likely compromising your visualization of the road ahead in favor of going fast/being a daredevil. which is dangerous and likely to get someone hurt. so: forget the romance and ride in such a way that shorts will not be necessary. doesn’t mean don’t ride fast, just means think about it practically.

    then again, there have been a few genuine flukes where i could have really used ‘em. last week i poked some fuckhead businessman yakking on a cell phone (he didn’t look, i yelled, he didn’t hear) in the ass with my right-hand bullhorn. had i been riding short bars he would have escaped cleanly only to repeat the same b/s the next day. hence, second advantage of not getting short bars would be that they are not such effective social teaching tools as, for example, bullhorns.

  7. tyler
    30 Mar 09 8:11 pm

    also, short bars are indeed gay.

  8. xelius
    17 Apr 09 10:07 pm

    Yeah, plus short bars are basically the same thing as a big fuckin’ bucket of puppies.

    Can you hand me that New Jersey? South of South Dakota, North of New Mexico…

    Damn bulls, droppin’ china everywhere.

  9. sam
    10 Aug 09 2:21 pm

    Its realy awesome

  10. Brian
    22 Aug 09 8:36 pm

    Putting it to the test…

    Narrower bars are a problem if you are a performance rider, and need to keep your lungs as open as possible. This is the right point for a rider that get’s OUT of city traffic.

    If you are an urban rider, it makes complete sense to have narrower bars. You fit better in traffic, period. But how narrow is narrow enough, and when does it become aesthetic?

    I think, based on my limited experience in city traffic, that bars should be no narrower than your hips. Why? Your hips are at about the same height as your handlebars on a common fixie. You get NO benefit from having bars more narrow than that, from a traffic “fit” standpoint. Your bars may squeeze through, but your hips won’t. Get it? Anything more narrow than that is simply compliance with a fad, and makes steering more dramatic.

  11. Dmc
    06 Nov 10 3:44 pm

    So you must be gay tyler!

  12. matt
    21 Nov 12 2:02 pm

    Bars this short are silly. You can only go through something as narrow as your shoulders.