lil weezy 225 rise bars by nemesis project Nemesis Project Riser Handlebars

Nemesis Project Cycles
has a new lineup of riser handlebars for 2009. Their new selection will consist of three different raisers – The “lil Weezy’s”, “Nem-Pro street bar”, and the “Weezy Jefferson moving on up bar” – all differing in size. Each Handlebar is crafted with TrueTemper alloy’s, which makes for one hell of a tough handlebar. The Nemesis Project riser handlebars will also be offered in a total of ten solid and translucent over raw metal colorways. Solid colors include: White, Gloss black, Fluro Pink, Vicious Blue, and Mint; and the translucent over raw metal handlebars will be offered in Red, Blue, Green, Purple, and Brown. Check out Brad’s, from the Nemesis Project, breakdown on his newest creations plus more pictures after the jump.

nemesis project riser handlerbars1 Nemesis Project Riser Handlebars

Nemesis Project Riser Handlerbars

( listed in order as pictured above )

#3 ” Weezy Jefferson , moving on up bar ” 3.25 rise x 29.0 width 4 up 9 back total weight 1.6lbs , Same bullet proof True-Temper material huge rise great for your 24″ street/skate-park bike or your 26″ DJer

#2 “Folsom Prison bars AKA Nem-Pro street bars” 2.60 rise x 29.0 width 4 up 9 back , True-Temper material thicker than the lil weezy’s total weight 1.3lbs , the perfect indestructible bar for any bike.

#1 “lil Weezy’s ” 2.25 rise x 27.50 width 4 degrees upsweep 9 backsweep , made from True-Temper tubes , thinner and lighter than our other bars total weight under 1lb , great for fixies , fans of low stand-over height or normal MTB’s

weezy jefferson 325 riser bars by nemesis project1 Nemesis Project Riser Handlebars

Nemesis Project Riser Handlerbars

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