velocity halo reflective rims Velocity x Halo Reflective Rims

Velocity came together with Halo Coatings to offer a new addition to the already popular rims, known as the Halo Reflective Rims. Made from a durable powder coating, it looks like graphite but when the sun or light reflects, the rim glistens a bright white. /> /> Floating in the liquid powder coat is millions of microscopic glass beads that hit the surface of the rim, this is how the light reflects off. /> /> Mashing style and safety, the Velocity Halo reflective rims are hand built, and are available online and at bike stores with a Velocity account. /> /> Velocity offers the Halo reflective on the following rims: Deep V (Machined/Non Machined), B43 (Non Machined), Fusion (Machined/Non Machined), Aerohat (Machined/Non Machined), Dyad (Machined/Non Machined), and Cliffhanger (Machined/Non Machined).

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  1. great wheelset, i want this one for my fixie…

  2. how the fuck is this shit so nice its fuckin ugly as fuck.bitch okey my fixie is better than that shit yuh should guys gett..good colors for yuhr fixie ok my tires are better than that shit ok go buy some good one ok bitches fuck my haters and my bitches so bye by:nina chiquita

  3. Someone
    11 Feb 12 2:55 am

    oh, haaay.

  4. Danny Boy
    16 Jan 14 8:07 pm

    lol yea look who is talking about ugly rim the one who has the gayest fuken name and that rim i think is more expensive than your bike lol:) but my bike is more better than r\yours and my 5 star rim is more expensive than this but this rim is ok:)