independent fabrications the ox fixed gear bike1 The OX: An Independent Fabrications Fixed Gear Bike

Left astray at an InterBike booth that wasn’t its own stood this Independent Fabrications fixed gear bike titled The OX. It was the frame’s Asian inspired them and aggressive race geometry that called my attention. The boys at Independent Fabrications chose to name the bike The OX because the frame was completed on January 26th, “the year of the OX”, relating to the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese calligraphy that runs down the seatpost and saddle was mocked-up by an old lady they found in Chinatown. It is said to read “Independent Fabrications” but hasn’t been verified yet. Aside from its custom paint job, the Independent Fabrications fixed gear bike features a fixed integrated seatmast, a Steel Aero tubeset, a carbon saddle, Cane Creek Endurance 85 rear wheel and a 50 front wheel. Unfortunately, because I found this straggler out of place at this years InterBike, I wasn’t able to learn more about it.

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