3 speed fixed gear wheel hub1 Sturmey Archer S3X: A 3 Speed Fixed Gear Wheel Hub

Sturmey-Archer, an innovator in cranks and hubs, is making progress on their 3-speed fixed gear wheel hub, called the S3X. The first prototype is complete. Sturmey-Archer is also contemplating a vast selection of colors for their S3X, which would be a hit among fixie enthusiast. It has been determined that the 3-speed fixie wheel hub will be made using a strong aluminum hubshell. However, the design of gear shifters is still being kicked around. The overall gear range is set for 160%.

more details -

1st gear – 37.5%
2nd gear – 25%
3rd gear – direct drive

This equates to gear steps of 20% and 33%

3 speed fixed gear wheel hub 2 Sturmey Archer S3X: A 3 Speed Fixed Gear Wheel Hub

3 Speed Fixed Gear Wheel Hub 2

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  2. Andrew Rockman
    27 Jun 09 12:24 am

    The selector chain mechanism and the handlebar controls are UGLY.

    Everything should be made of steel and the shifting should be indexed – just like the original SA gear.

    UGLY, but I’d buy it and use old SA bits to make it right.


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