se pk ripper 2010 fixed gear SE PK Ripper 2010 Fixed Gear

The 2010 model of the PK Ripper Fixed Gear comes in two color sets, a black and an orange. The black is SE’s standard model and the orange is the DC labeled version which is the fourth year that SE has collaborated with DC Shoes. Between the two models the only difference is found in the sponsorship and between the ’09 and ’10 model you will find the same exact price as the 2009 model except the 2010 model comes with plenty of upgrades. The ’10 version changes include a 2-piece BMX style handlebar, a BMX style stem with cut outs, a more comfortable seat on the bike, and high end X-Pedo pedals that are similar to the old school bear trap pedals. It is available in 7 sizes, from a 47 inch to a 61 inch, all of which you can bar spin with tire clearance on the down tube. It is only set to release about 1500 bikes worldwide, 800 of which are to debut in the U.S.

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