kanye west track bike 1 Kanye West Rides A Fixed Gear Bike

It’s not only the underground world that has its eyes on the culture of fixed gear riding anymore. Hip hop artist Kanya West rides a fixie, too. Apparently, purchasing a Cinelli Vigorelli at Track Star wasn’t enough for Kanye. Soon after, It was the boys down at Brooklyn Machine Works who had the pleasure of whipping something special up for the platinum selling artist. The bike shop’s choice of frame was their Gansta’ frame, a frame that Brad (Kidrobot’s track bike creator) informed me of with praise early on. To give the Gansta’ a Kanya West touch, Brooklyn Machine Works incorperated a cream yellow glow-in-the-dark paint jobs complimented by all black coated parts. The specs on the rest of the bike are unclear at the moment but I’m sure Mr. West requested nothing but the best.

kanye west track bike 2 Kanye West Rides A Fixed Gear Bike

Kanya West Rides A Fixed Gear Bike

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  1. fredro
    26 Sep 08 4:01 pm

    Ohh Please. Tell me it not so.

    Now every thomas, Richard and Henry will turn into a fixie.

    Hey comes the mainstream to term a subculture into the latest accessary to have.

  2. mikey78
    16 Nov 08 6:12 pm

    PEH… You’ve got to be kidding me….

  3. davo
    17 Nov 08 5:09 am

    and i thought he just rode the cock

  4. Joel
    10 Mar 09 9:05 am

    2 things:
    Look at the pose, that’s a ‘what the f**k is that thing, it doesn’t match my dodgy couch’ look.
    Second, He’s going to have trouble with those laces and the aerodynamics on the tangerine MJ jacket will do the man no favors.
    Word to the Kanya, MJ is a pedo, take better fashion advice, ties up your trainers, leave fixies alone!

  5. tough
    06 May 09 4:16 am

    So what, because he’s a mainstream artist he can’t own a cool bike. It looks as though the bike was a gift anyway.

    And his owning a bike doesn’t discredit the “subculture”, because if your really apart of it your adding something unique to it yourself and not worrying about who else has a bike.

    And it’s spelled “Kanye”, google it.

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  8. l
    07 Aug 09 7:31 pm

    It’s a stupid fad that pretentious assed hipsters decided to jump on “to be different” that is now mainstream and like skateboarding will become really watered down.

  9. love
    07 Aug 09 11:18 pm

    Wow…nice language, people. What ever happened to believing in the success of your neighbor? Attention to the culture can only bring understanding and creativity. Do you want to dodge cars all your riding life? Wake up and stop being greedy!!

    Skateboarding is still the ish…how has it been watered down? Let me guess…people “sold out”…der der der

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