independent fabrication bodega baileyworks bike collection Independent Fabrication x Bodega x BaileyWorks Bike Collection

Independent Fabrication, Bodega, and BaileyWorks came together for a collaborative project called Paper Labels. Using a fixed gear, commuter bike and vintage single speed road bike, and each color scheme is taken from a popular spray paint color that is discontinued from Bodega’s secret stash. Colors used were made popular by the 1980s graffiti scene, which are Krylon Aqua Turquoise #2008, Krylon O.D. Khaki #2301, and Krylon Metallic Blue #1903 which are all the foundation colors. Designs are inspired by vintage spray paint cans like Diamond Finish and Smooth Coat. Limited to 15 of each model, and includes matching messenger bags and t-shirts. Contact Independent Fabrication for purchase.



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