fatlace x nemesis project 2 Fatlace x Nemesis Project: ARC Track Bike

To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Fatlace –an urban clothing store in San Francisco – the Nemesis Project has teamed up to create an extremely exclusive track bike, the ARC. The frame of the Fatlace x Nemesis Project ARC was modeled after those of Keirin, a bike racing sport from Japan. There will only be twelve made, colorways raw and some white; And they will be for friends and family only.  – Thanks Brad!

fatlace x nemesis project 3 Fatlace x Nemesis Project: ARC Track Bike

Fatlace x Nemesis Project

fatlace x nemesis project 4 Fatlace x Nemesis Project: ARC Track Bike

Fatlace x Nemesis Project


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    Rad! post , RAD! site


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