Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Fixed Gear

Mash, a group of riders, photographers, designers, and messengers from the West Coast, became cult-famous after the release of their film MASH. Teaming up with Cinelli, Mash has created the Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Fixed Gear. This bike is built for speed, with a stiff, reactive frame made with Columbus Altec triple butted tubes. The geometry is quite aggressive, with a negative front slope from 2.5″ to 4.5″. The Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Fixed Gear features CNC machined aluminum dropouts. The artwork was designed by Benny Gold, a renowned surf and skateboard designer. The Cinelli x Mash SF 2010 Fixed Gear has been drilled for a front brake, but it comes plugged and painted. It comes in sizes 50, 53, 55, and 58cm.

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