Bianchi Pista Classic6 Bianchi Pista Classic 2010: An Urban Fixed Gear Concept

The Bianchi Pista Classic 2010 had many of its spectators salivating at this year’s InterBike. The Bianchi Pista Classic frame, a concept at the moment despite UrbanVelo’s misprint on an article earlier in the year, was “classically” done in a celeste green and ┬ácomplemented with chrome lugs. The Pista Classic frame on display at this year’s InterBike was made complete with after-market parts such as a brownish swede saddle,┬ádrop down handlebars, and a white wheel set that matched beautifully with the white bar-tape. There’s still many questions surrounding the Bianchi Pista Classic, which we hope to find answers for in the near term.

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