2009 se dc pk ripper fixed gear 2009 SE x DC PK Ripper Fixed Gear

In 2009, SE Bikes released another DC collaboration bike. This DC/PK ripper fixed gear bike has a floval tube design, meaning flat on the sides and oval on the top and bottom. This floval style was brought back from the original 1970’s PK Ripper. In addition to basing the new frame off of their retro frame, their fluted seat pose adds more old school flavor. On the back end of the bike you will find a looptail rear end. Looptail means that the chain stay and the seat stay are all one tube. The crank is a BMX SE 3-piece 48-spline crank. This bike would most compatible with fixed gear city freestyle bikers. The DC/PK Ripper is offered in two color sets: chrome w/ blue and the other in Mapp Black. Although this bike is newly released, only 2500 bikes were made worldwide and if you got your hands on one of them, you can consider yourself lucky.

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