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Funny video has emerged online with two people talking “robotic”, and comparing track/fixed gear bikes to cyclocross racing. The video pretty much talks about the “trends” in fixed gear riding, but this will make you laugh. Via Bike Reviews.

So if you want to learn how to bunny hop on a fixed gear as high as some of these guys, watching the video can be a start, but practice makes perfect! The Session contest shows the peoples skills on bunny hopping.

Nixbros is obviously tired of all people calling him a “hipster” and “fixter“, and this is where his music video called All You Haters (Suck My Balls) comes into play. Blending a Kanye West auto tuner, and a rock hook, the video features Nixbros and friends riding fixed gears around town. Via Lockedcog.

premium rush movie bike messenger Premium Rush Movie Bike Messenger

Premium Rush is a new movie announced that will capture a bike messenger in action, and this is all the information that is available on the movie itself. But what we have to look forward too is David Koepp directing it. David Koepp is traditionally a screen writer for movies like Spider Man, Carlito’s Way and Indiana Jones. Via Bike Reviews.

So you might wonder why the 30 Seconds to Mars music video by Kings and Queens has anything to do with fixed gear, well simply watch and the question is answered! In this music video lead singer Jarred Leto is caught riding a fixed gear, and was shot in LA, allowing fans to be apart of this video. Kings and Queens new album “This is War” will release December 8th.

Here is another “How to” video, this time around you can learn how to skid on a fixed gear bike. You might remember Blake from the How to trackstand video we posted last week, and in true fashion he walks you through step by step on skidding. Watch and learn.

Just picked up a fixie, but don’t know how to trackstand, well we are not saying this video is the best, but here is one of the first How to Trackstand on a Fixed Gear video. He does have it down well, and by the slow motion of rocking back and fourth will help you balance and not take a foot off a pedal.