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kinfolk bar Kinfolk, a New Keirin Bar

Kinfolk, a new Keirin Bar to Nakameguro, Japan sounds like a promise land for fixed gear riders. The new bar opened by Ways&Means features an exotic drink menu under a “vintage Japanese interior meets modern day safehoue” décor. The place even has wood rafters that host an assortment of Japanese Keirin Track frames.

If you’re ever in town, check them out. They are open 18:00 – 24:00 Tuesday – Sunday and closed Monday.

modern fixie 3D Lucky13 Fixed Gear Track Bike

2692550042 06bfda2d40 3D Lucky13 Fixed Gear Track Bike

According to the crew, this is a 3D rough image of the Lucky13 fixed gear track bike that they designed. However, its futuristic body lines won’t see manufacturing until the design is backed by investors. Let’s hope these skillful designers find the money they’re looking for to get the ball rolling.

Specifications listed on website -

Alloy frame with 2 diameter fork (1″1/8-1.5″) to rigidify the front end.
compact geometry…

fixed gear calculator for iphone or ipod touch Fixed Gear Calculator App for iPhone or iPod Touch

Some tech savvy cyclist came up with a fixed gear calculator that can be downloaded as an iPhone or iPod Touch application via the iPhone App Store. The fixed gear calculator is capable of calculating gear ratios, gain ratios, gear inches, and development – to list a few. The calculator is only offered in English at the moment and requires at least 1MB of disk space on an iPhone running 2.0 software or an iPod Touch. Check out more details here.

3 speed fixed gear wheel hub1 Sturmey Archer S3X: A 3 Speed Fixed Gear Wheel Hub

Sturmey-Archer, an innovator in cranks and hubs, is making progress on their 3-speed fixed gear wheel hub, called the S3X. The first prototype is complete. Sturmey-Archer is also contemplating a vast selection of colors for their S3X, which would be a hit among fixie enthusiast. It has been determined that the 3-speed fixie wheel hub will be made using a strong aluminum hubshell. However, the design of gear shifters is still being kicked around. The overall gear range is set for 160%.

more details -

1st gear – 37.5%
2nd gear – 25%
3rd gear – direct drive

This equates to gear steps of 20% and 33%

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