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leader riser trick street bars Leader Riser Trick Street Bars

Tricksters get a load of this, the new Leader Riser Trick Street Bars by Leader, a great alternative to save a few dollars. Dropped apart of the 2010 Leader components, the Leader Riser Trick Street Bars have a 2.5 inch rise, and colors released are powder coated white, polished and polished black. Grab yours for $36. Via Bike Reviews.

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fixed gear beer tap Fixed Gear Beer Tap

According to Fixed Gear Blog, the team at is building them a fixie influenced beer tap for their Christmas party of 08’. The beer tap, designed by ChopperOlli, is decorated with dropdown handlebars and hosts a selection of two beers.

lil weezy 225 rise bars by nemesis project Nemesis Project Riser Handlebars

Nemesis Project Cycles
has a new lineup of riser handlebars for 2009. Their new selection will consist of three different raisers – The “lil Weezy’s”, “Nem-Pro street bar”, and the “Weezy Jefferson moving on up bar” – all differing in size. Each Handlebar is crafted with TrueTemper alloy’s, which makes for one hell of a tough handlebar. The Nemesis Project riser handlebars will also be offered in a total of ten solid and translucent over raw metal colorways. Solid colors include: White, Gloss black, Fluro Pink, Vicious Blue, and Mint; and the translucent over raw metal handlebars will be offered in Red, Blue, Green, Purple, and Brown. Check out Brad’s, from the Nemesis Project, breakdown on his newest creations plus more pictures after the jump. » Read the rest of the entry..

uhhhhhhh Chrome Straight Pointed Fixed Gear Handlebars

Fixie Inc, am international track bike specialist and dealer, has got something new in the fixed gear handlebar category. They call them “Car Scratchers”, and you can see why. The unique design of these host pointed ends on both sides. I can just visualize a cyclist on his or her fixie getting even with a few assholes behind their wheels. Thanks for giving us fixed gear riders some sort of defense mechanism Fixie Inc!

2769403374 005614f695 Fixed Gear Fashion

Not only are fixed gear bikes dominating traffic congested city streets but they’ve also managed to weasel their way into fashion show and on runways. Track bikes have come a long way since their existence and this photo shoot illustrates that these bikes, which were once used predominantly by male cyclists, are finding more homes than ever before.

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ts3k0012si71 225x300 Short Handlebars Becoming Mainstream

Road warriors everywhere are adopting shorter handlebars, usually by modifying their existing straight bars. The handlebars give the rider a more stream line look when smashin’ through traffic.