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If you’re looking for a one of a kind BMX bike built for Disney’s Bloc-28 and a tax right off, Nemesis Project, creators of the Kid Robot Bike, has just the combo breaker for you. Up for ebay auction now is a custom BMX bike themed Mickey Mouse. All the proceeds benefit Art Share L.A. and this is 1000% tax deductible so check it out!

chari co x kamashimax bike seat 1 Chari & Co. x Kamashimax Bike Seat

Japanese bike seat builder Kamashimax has teamed up with Chari & Co., a New York track bike shop, to crate a seat and shirt combo. The white seat features ‘Kashimax’ embroidered in the center with red stars and comes with a shirt that mirrors it. » Read the rest of the entry..

cinelli vigorelli x mash sf fixed gear bike 1 Cinelli Vigorelli x Mash SF Fixed Gear Bike

Cinelli Vigorelli x Mash SF Fixed Gear Bike

With the 2008 Las Vegas Interbike show in full swing, our minds are finally given some closure on big names like Cinelli and MASH SF. Introducing a Cinelli Vigorelli x Mash SF fixed gear bike, which was unveiled today. There wasn’t much text about it on MASH SF’s blog but judging from the photographs, I’d bet this thing halls ass.

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fatlace x nemesis project 2 Fatlace x Nemesis Project: ARC Track Bike

To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Fatlace –an urban clothing store in San Francisco – the Nemesis Project has teamed up to create an extremely exclusive track bike, the ARC. The frame of the Fatlace x Nemesis Project ARC was modeled after those of Keirin, a bike racing sport from Japan. There will only be twelve made, colorways raw and some white; And they will be for friends and family only.  – Thanks Brad!

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fuji 09 league Fuji x Obey 2009 or Fuji League Fixed Gear?

Besides its street appeal, very little is known about this Fuji track bike. However, its close resemblance of Fuji’s 2008 Fuji x Obey has speculators guessing this fixed gear bike is the Fuji x Obey 2009 version. The urban styles of both track bikes are emerging in cities everywhere, but without the help of manufacturing assembly lines; More commonly bikes like these usually start life out at someone’s home, one piece at a time. Has Fuji tapped into the urban fixed gear scene? We’d like to thinks so.

Like the Fuji x Obey that was dropped for 2008, Fuji’s untitled track bike features a black/charcoal matted theme with a red seat post, frame neck, handlebars, wheel sets, tires, graphics, and other red accents rather than gold – to accentuate the bikes beauty. The only clue Fuji left us with is the word “League” (whatever that means) printed on the frame. We were unable to get our hands on any specs, but we’re on the look out.

disney x the hundreds art piece Disney x The Hundreds Art Piece

Even though more people are taking notice to the fixed gear scene, it’s surprising to see this fixie inspired art piece by Disney in collaboration with The Hundreds – an urban apparel outfitter. The piece on the left features an unfamiliar Disney character throwing up the peace sign while leaning up against a fixie. The second collabo (on the right) features another one of Disney’s characters that happens to be sporting a messenger bag. Both characters are dressed in hipster wear. This Disney x The Hundreds art piece goes to show track bikes are continuing to grow in popularity; And we’re sure with Disney come more enthusiasts.

kidrobot x nemesis project fixed gear bike 21 Kidrobot x Nemesis Project Fixed Gear Bike

The one of a kind Kidrobot x Nemesis Project fixies is by far the sickest track bike I’ve ever seen. The creator, Brad Hodges from the Nemesis Project built this bike 100% from scratch for Kidrobot – an urban toy and appeal shop with a deep interest in art. The bike was originally created to celebrate the grand opening of Kidrobot’s new flagship store in Miami, Florida, before venturing to a small bike shop in Sacramento, California where it’s awaiting someone with $6,000.00 to buy it.

Both Brad and the founders of Kidrobot put a lot of thought into customizing this bike. Even the sterling silver Kidrobot head emblem, which was done by Osa at Complete Technique, on the front of the frame is proprietary. It doesn’t stop there. The Kidrobot bike also comes with a u-lock that matches in color, a Kidrobot keychain, and a seat made out of Ostrich, to name a few.

Here are some more specifications I found on Brand’s site (I think) pertaining to the Kidrobot x Nemesis Project fixed gear.

Component list –

Frame: Nemesis Project track frame KR-01
Headbadge: 3oz sterling silver Kid-Robot headbadge made by OSA @ Complete Technique
Headset: 45×45 campy internal , powdercoated to match frame
Fork: White
R wheel: Custom powdercoated Miche Track hub and R lock ring , hand built to a Velocity Deep V
also custom powdercoated w/ the hub and all other white parts on the build
Cranks: Sugino 75 custom powdercoated white
Chainring: Sugino 75 powdercoated white , teeth masked
Pedals: MKS outer cages powdercoated white
Toe clip: MKS W/ Toshi strap in white
Seat: Macneil Pivotal technology , re-covered in snowflake white Ostrich leather
Seat Post: Macneil Pivotal powdercoated to match magenta fade in frame
Tires: custom one off non logo’d Michelin 700x23c
Bar and stem: Easton powdercoated cyan blue to match frame

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