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If you’re looking for a one of a kind BMX bike built for Disney’s Bloc-28 and a tax right off, Nemesis Project, creators of the Kid Robot Bike, has just the combo breaker for you. Up for ebay auction now is a custom BMX bike themed Mickey Mouse. All the proceeds benefit Art Share L.A. and this is 1000% tax deductible so check it out!

obama bike by thunderdog studios Obama Bike by Thunderdog Studios

If you like riding fixed gear, regardless of who you’re voting for, the Obama bike by Thunderdog Studios is bound to catch your attention.

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modern fixie 3D Lucky13 Fixed Gear Track Bike

2692550042 06bfda2d40 3D Lucky13 Fixed Gear Track Bike

According to the crew, this is a 3D rough image of the Lucky13 fixed gear track bike that they designed. However, its futuristic body lines won’t see manufacturing until the design is backed by investors. Let’s hope these skillful designers find the money they’re looking for to get the ball rolling.

Specifications listed on website -

Alloy frame with 2 diameter fork (1″1/8-1.5″) to rigidify the front end.
compact geometry…

837 black n Worn Again Sneakers

837 white n Worn Again Sneakers

If you’re looking for some shoes to match with that track bike of yours, be on the lookout for these soon to come eco friendly Worn Again creations. All of Worn Again’s products are made from recycled material, and these shoes are no exception. The outer lining of the soles feature recycled bicycle tire, which goes for a cool look. MSRP £65.00
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fixed gear beer tap Fixed Gear Beer Tap

According to Fixed Gear Blog, the team at is building them a fixie influenced beer tap for their Christmas party of 08’. The beer tap, designed by ChopperOlli, is decorated with dropdown handlebars and hosts a selection of two beers.

24k gold fixed gear 24k Gold Platted Fixed Gear with Crystals by Aurumania

Aurumania, a design company with a passion for working with gold, has designed a lavishing fixed gear bike composed of all-around 24k gold platting and over 600 embedded Swarovski crystals. The 24k gold platted track bike is limited to 10 made with a price tag of Euro currency symbol 80,000. It also comes warranted for ten years, no questions asked – as if that would be the make or break point of an Euro currency symbol 80,000 sale.

george w bush with a fixed gear bike George W. Bush with a Fixed Gear Bike

Sorry I don’t remember where I found this photoshoped picture of President George W. Bush with a fixed gear in his hand; but I have to share it because it’s too funny and his bike is sick.