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fixika crank straps Fixika × Crank Straps

Creativity can go a long way, but not sure how far the new Fixika × Crank Straps will go, since this almost looks, well dumb. But for those fixed gear riders that lock heavy metal, check it out. Imagine taking one of these in the calf, yikes.

zlda custom straps Zlda Custom Straps

It all started when one individual made what is known now as the Zlda Custom Straps, shortly after people requested these straps at a high rate, but wanted different colors, so now we have a official release. Basically, these straps are soft and keep your feet strapped on the pedal, great for tricks. Below you can see all the available colors. Via Rotterdamfixedgear.

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re load x outlaw frame pad2 R.E. Load x Outlaw Frame Pad

If you’re looking for a frame pad that goes along with that fancy fixed gear to better protect you or it from abuse, R.E. Load Baggage, a U.S. company that specializes in messenger bags, and Outlaw Print Company have teamed up to hit few shelves with something for you. The R.E Load x Outlaw Frame Pad features hip psychedelic like colors, which are black ink reflective. This top-tube pad is super exclusive, with only 20 made.