2781602536 61b8aa3ed0 Rare Japanese Bike Chain

I have know clue has to how this is a functioning bicycle chain. Japan’s fixed gear scene is always great for exotic parts, this being one of them. If it didn’t look so prone to quick wear and tear, I’d have it on my fixie, hopefully to keep by jeans out of harms way; I doubt it would work, though.

2781603496 9ef9193642 Rare Japanese Bike Chain


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  1. Jeroen
    08 Sep 08 9:40 pm

    I heard these are just simple plastic caps, that you can put on your regular chain.
    A friend of mine is getting them, or it.

    Don’t know where though.. should ask him soon!

  2. p
    30 Sep 08 12:27 pm

    yeah it looks like it just pops over the chain and rotates with it, to guard the riders pants from grease (or mutilation). I think i see the standard chain through the tiny holes in the close up pic.

    its actually a pretty sweet idea if you don’t wanna roll up your pants.

  3. Matthew
    23 Oct 08 5:42 am

    Anyone found where to get these at yet?

  4. Ayo Collins
    19 Mar 09 4:52 am

    I just think it’d be sick for protecting your chain (and pant) in the winter…being from minnesnowta and all.

  5. Dee
    31 Mar 09 3:40 am

    what the hell, i cant find that shit any where!! i want one.

  6. Simon L
    07 Apr 09 12:50 am

    Its a simple brake line plastic (Cover) for racing like handle bars to smooth out the rubber tape that he put on his chain haha no more that 3$ at evry bike shop… Im getting one for shure, its a great idea!!!

  7. Mat W
    14 Apr 09 7:51 pm

    I used to sell them here in the uk all the time, very cheap plastic covers that just hold nicely over your dirty chain and keep your clothes clean. That was about 20 years ago though, never see them now, but sure you could get them somewhere. I ordered from “Walkers wholesalers” Leicester UK”.

  8. haha
    17 Apr 09 12:43 am


  9. philly j
    22 Apr 09 6:56 am

    has anyone found out where to get these?? i have been looking for a while and cant find anything remotely close!??

  10. jeremy
    08 Jun 09 1:57 pm

    Hey what were they called exactly?

  11. Embedrirm
    14 Aug 09 8:16 pm

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