837 black n Worn Again Sneakers

837 white n Worn Again Sneakers

If you’re looking for some shoes to match with that track bike of yours, be on the lookout for these soon to come eco friendly Worn Again creations. All of Worn Again’s products are made from recycled material, and these shoes are no exception. The outer lining of the soles feature recycled bicycle tire, which goes for a cool look. MSRP £65.00

837 black t Worn Again Sneakers

Worn Again Sneakers

837 black a Worn Again Sneakers

Worn Again Sneakers

837 black b Worn Again Sneakers

Worn Again Sneakers

837 white t 1 Worn Again Sneakers

Worn Again Sneakers

837 white a Worn Again Sneakers

Worn Again Sneakers

837 white b Worn Again Sneakers

Worn Again Sneakers

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