rvca x cinelli t shirt collection RVCA x Cinelli T Shirt and Hat Collection Pressure

The worlds of fixed gear riding, art, and fashion have been meshed this time by RVCA and Cinelli to bring the streets “Pressure” – a RVCA x Cinelli collection of unforgettable t-shirts. According to RVCA, many inspiring artists took part in the making of the collection, including Ashley Macomber, Barry McGee, Clare Rojas, C.R. Stecyk III, Dan Murphy, Dmote, Jesse Geller, Josh Lazcano, KAWS, Madsaki, Phil Frost, PM Tenore and Stephen Powers.

Some t-shirts are offered in more than one color. Because describing the collection of seven different shirts and a hat will take more time then I have to spare, I’ll leave the breakdown to you. Each tee from this collection will run USD $28.00 and USD $22.00 for the hat.

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  1. john
    25 Oct 08 1:59 am

    i was just wondering if anybody knew where i could locate and purchase this cycling cap?

  2. Greg
    08 Nov 08 4:47 am

    Hey same question as above. I can’t find the hat or others anywhere. Does anyone know where to get one?

  3. Pete
    30 Dec 08 8:47 am

    HOw can I get some of these t-shirts?

  4. T4KASHI
    04 Mar 09 4:28 am

    from what i understand these are not out yet. wait another month and look again

    not the same hat but i stilll think its pretty sweet

  5. chaingang
    03 Jul 09 5:39 am

    check rvca.com

  6. wwvovfi
    23 Sep 09 8:10 am

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