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2769403374 005614f695 Fixed Gear Fashion

Not only are fixed gear bikes dominating traffic congested city streets but they’ve also managed to weasel their way into fashion show and on runways. Track bikes have come a long way since their existence and this photo shoot illustrates that these bikes, which were once used predominantly by male cyclists, are finding more homes than ever before.

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cog necklace 2 Cog Necklace

This cog necklace is pretty blingin’, considering it was once a functioning part on someone’s bike. If your looking to accessorize yourself in efforts to display you love for fixed gear riding, creating your own cog necklace might be of interest. FYI- From what I hear, it takes a good amount of elbow grease to transform a used cog into a piece of jewelry like this one. However, it can be done.

If your looking for the perfect messenger bag to throw over your should before saddeling up on that track bike, but you’re looking to keep the price down, make one yourself using things you have around your house. To make your own courier bag you will need an iron, plastic bags, wax paper, scissors, buckles, Velcro, and something to sew with. The out come is a one of a kind messenger bag that’s bound to turn a few heads.

b 300x225 Japanese Version Of Bianchi Pist

To my surprise the Japanese know a different Bianchi Pista then other parts of the world and in many of there fan’s opinions Bianchi has beefed it up for Japan when compared to the states. Not only does the Japanese color scheme appeal more to the eyes of an urban fixed gear rider so does the enhanced frame and forks. That’s right… And for around the same retail price ($500 – $600 USD), too. I can just imagine how stunning this bike would look like in other similar colors.

supreme bike lock1 Supreme Bike Chain

Supreme is giving fixed gear fans a tasteful U-lock alternative with their version of what they consider to be a fashionable bike lock. Supreme’s bike lock comes in a black or red chain-sleeve with Supreme written in white. If the U-lock wasn’t so easy to travel with, I’d go with Supreme.

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An ugly chick flying down the street can be masked by the beauty of Aerospoke wheels, a vibrant color scheme, and a few hipster accessories the same way “celebrity sunglasses” can enhance almost any chicks appeal. However, we’d like to believe there is some true beauty shared between both rider and fixie in this photo shoot.

undftd spring 08 20 10 300x203 New Era x Undefeated hats

I’d have to say if you can find your more traditional cycling cap before hitting the street, consider one of these New Era x Undefeated hats as a stylish substitute.